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  • Why do I need personal training?
    To help you learn how to gain muscle, lose fat, raise your metabolism, and exercise healthy nutritional

  • What's the big deal about muscle and metabolism?
    Tufts University researchers found a direct association between metabolic rate and muscle mass. They did
    this by measuring the body composition and resting metabolic rate for 131 healthy men and women,
    ranging and age from 18 to 87, over the last five years. Using a high-tech method for measuring the
    body's total potassium, a mineral found almost entirely in muscle cells, they found a decline in fat-free
    mass, which closely tracked the decline in resting metabolic rate. This result supports earlier studies at the
    center which found a decline in the muscle mass of middle-aged and senior men and women over 10- and
    12-year periods when they measured the subjects leg muscles by CAT scan. The shrinkage of muscle
    tissue corresponded to loss of strength in those muscles. Putting it all together, the researchers suggest
    strength training to increase and maintaining muscle mass -- and prevent or slow the gradual weight gain
    which typically occurs between the ages of 30 and 60.

  • Why do I need to train with weights?
    To replace the muscle lost through inactivity and the aging process.

  • Ladies - How can I lose those hips without looking like a bodybuilder?
    Everyone wants to look fit and trim. The only way to accomplish that is to lose the fat, and gain muscle.
    Muscle will make you look lean, slim, and compact without looking muscular. The training we use is
    designed with this in mind unless your goals are something other than leaning out and slimming down.

  • Men - Can I just get rid of my spare tire?
    Yes and no. The spare tire will go away with proper training and nutrition. A balanced program will remove
    fat from all over your body including your waist. All you have to do is walk in the door, and follow the
    instructions provided by one of our trained professionals.

  • How Fit am I?
    Check out these fitness calculators and see how fit you are...
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